The Neighbourhood Museum introduces itself

The association Neighbourhood Museum was founded in 1991 by experts working in Museums and in the area of culture and education generally. The aim of the organization is to create a lively functioning relationship between the general population and the museum by offering opportunities for cooperation. We place particular stress of saving aspects of the culture of everyday life for the future and working with eye-witnesses. The neighbourhood museum encourages and initiates projects on historical questions or contemporary problems, which generate a cooperation between museums, eye-witnesses and interested groups, schools and institutions outside the education sector.

Of fundamental importance fro our projects are the following:

  • The existence of a connection to a particular district of the city (or to a similarly workable area)
  • The everyday life or people
  • The connection between history and the present day
  • Exchange of experiences between the generations
  • Intercultural aspects
  • Cooperation within different subject areas

The Anacostia Neighbourhood Museum was founded in Washington DC in 1967. Following on from that beginning eco-museums were established in France an Spain and further museums in Scandinavia in the early 1970s with the aim in mind of remaining close to the population by working on themes from everyday life. We seek our work in this socio-cultural context.